Blend IT Software Development & Web Design Hourly rate starting from 18 eur!

Founders note: “Few years ago I spent an amazing 1.5 months in Philippines with my wife and kids. What stood out the most during our stay was the kindness of people and I made a promise to myself to keep this place and people close to my heart. During my stay I met Jay and we have kept contact ever since related to different projects. Every time I am amazed with the speed and quality of the work he brings which is why I proposed to Jay to join forces and launch joint venture. I am really excited to be able to make his team available for more entrepreneurs who could benefit from the software development and web design services that Blend IT brings.” Tõnis Hinnosaar, Co-Founder


Web Development

Wordpress | PHP Symfony/CodeIgniter | Ruby on Rails

Web Design

HTML | CSS | Boostrap

Mobile Development

React-Native | Native Android | Native iOS

about us

Blend IT brings you high quality software development and web design services by developers from Philippines with unbeatable pricing and with highly personal touch!

Registered in E-Estonia, we are a modern international company in EU that stands on the legs of trust, commitment, and friendship.

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Call us +372 512 3086 or e-mail
Estonian Office: Posti, Kuivastu, Muhu Island
Philippines Office: Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines